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Online or Walk and Talk Counselling

I offer a variety of ways to connect so we can meet in the way that works best for you. Sessions can take place either online or at an agreed walk and talk outdoor space.

In our ever changing, technologically conscious world, online therapy can be a way to allow you to access therapy from the comfort of your own home at a time that fits with flexible demands of life. This can be an advantage if you are restricted in travelling to and from sessions, live in a remote area or just trying to commit to that hour for yourself each week. For some, it can be comforting to work from the safety and familiarity of home, adding to your experience of groundedness.

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Walk and talk therapy can be described as similar to a traditional counselling session with the added advantage of experiencing the therapeutic benefits of nature. It provides the unique opportunity to combine the healing, grounding environment of the outdoors, with the compassion of the counselling relationship. Outdoor therapy can be great for those who may feel anxious or constrained in a room, for those who are feeling disconnected from nature or for those who thrive when they do connect to nature. Often when we allow our bodies to move, we can begin to think and feel differently, finding new experiences and directions in life.


I commonly offer walk and talk therapy in a park local to the Worcester Park and Cheam areas. A question often asked is 'what happens if the weather is bad?'. I am happy to walk in all weathers unless we agree it might be dangerous in which case we can simply switch to an online or phone session.

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Initial conversation

If you would like to talk further about beginning therapy or curious about whether online or walk and talk counselling is right for you, I offer an initial conversation and a space to explore your needs and what you hope to get through counselling. It is common to have questions so please do feel able to get in touch and I will be happy to help where I can.

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